Online storytelling for Porsche

Porsche was preparing for the comeback in the legendary 24 Hours of Le Mans. To celebrate it, an unusual online storytelling was developed.

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Time efficiency and faster invoicing at DNV GL

The consultants of DNV GL experienced the registery of hours as time-consuming and inefficient. There was a need for an application that would be accessible from any place at any time.

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Expertise database with userfriendly interface

The consortium Immuno Valley wanted an accessible database for its partners containing knowledge, expertise, technologies and facilities.

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CAD design in browsers and on tablets

In education, e-Learning on tablets increases and consequently it becomes an important tool. Therefore, the demand for a CAD design web application was born which is suitable for browsers and tablets.

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Working together towards one goal

We build and maintain beautiful, smart and user friendly Windows, web and mobile applications. We also specialise in system integration and process automation. This enables us to make a special and distinctive contribution to goals and successes of our clients. There are many things to take care of during the software development cycle. One needs to make sure that the development stays within the budget, the maintenance is arranged properly and that the client receives the desired guarantees. These factors can generate a significant level of uncertainty. Our clients receive all the guarantee and security they need.

The core of our corporate culture

The core values of our company


We are proud of the work we do. Our goal is to achieve the best result for our clients. We are only pleased once we receive a positive impression from you.


We become aware of the needs and requirements of our clients by listening carefully and asking you the right questions. We want to know what is important to you and what inspires you. We start with the development process only after gaining a full understanding of your goals. Our aim is to stay in touch with you during and after finishing our work. We want to know whether we have met your expectations and all of this obviously within the financial budget.


We are a software development company. We work with multidisciplinary teams of experts who complement and reinforce each other. This enables us to deliver optimal qualit, which you experience already during the first contact with us. Quality and expertise is the common thread in all of our development projects, from the first interview until the product delivery.


The world around us is constantly changing. We consider growth scenarios, maintenance, diversity of users and other variables. Together with you we determine the best strategy for your software solutions.


The team of our experts always aims at the best results. Our starting point is the goal of our clients. We want to know what is important for them and what gives them inspiration. We ensure that the result fits seamlessly with their ambitions, so we can look back with pride on their success.

Michal Bilinski


Bogusz Pekalski

.NET Developer

Marta Rakoczy

.NET and PHP Developer

Sebastian Mintus

.NET Developer

Gustaw Wypych

.NET Developer


Online storytelling about Porsche's comeback at Le Mans.


Porsche was preparing for the comeback of the legendary car race: the 24 Hours of Le Mans. To celebrate it, Porsche wanted a special presentation online. A comprehensive online multimedia story about returning to Le Mans with the innovative 919 Hybrid and the 60 years history of the brand at the legendary circuit.


The goal of the project was to present an on-line story. Porsche supplied the videos and pictures, in cooperation with Redrum, the video and animation studio, the image material has been developed. Aneto has developed the website and the version for mobile devices.


The result is a new, user-friendly and widely accessed website. Many visitors gave positive feedback and Porsche received the attention that they strived for. The site is currently only available on request, please contact us for more information.



Time efficiency and faster invoicing at DNV GL


DNV GL is the world's largest classification organisation for ships and offshore installations. Consultancy is an important part of their business. The employees often work in different locations, for example at their customers’ sites. Many employees of DNV GL found booking hoursa time consuming task and they were looking for a more efficient solution. For DNV GL, it is important to have an accurate registration system that can easily be accessed at all times and can be quickly updated from anywhere they are.


Aneto has been requested to develop an application, that would enable the employees to easily register their timesheets (it has been decided to develop a Windows application with a local database). The application is coupled with the existing registration system, so the back-office remains unaffected. The synchronization takes place as soon as the internet connection is available.


The Windows application has been already tested and introduced to the employees. The employees at DNV GL are happy with the easy interface, that allows them to register the hours in a user-friendly manner.

Immuno Valley

Expertise database with userfriendly interface


Immuno Valley is a consortium of more than forty scientific and business partners working at the cutting edge of the health of humans and animals. Immuno Valley wanted an accessible database for its partners containing knowledge, expertise, technologies and facilities.


Aneto has developed an expertise database for Immuno Valley. This consists of a database that is linked to a web application and makes it easy to obtain knowledge about a particular subject. The application makes it possible to create many connections in searches. For example, simultaneously publications can be selected by topic and author.


The Expertise Database has been successfully commissioned. The environment runs very stable, so the maintenance costs are minimal. The savings are used to gradually add additional functions.


CAD DESIGN in browsers and on TABLETS


As a stepping stone to CAD (Computer Aided Design), BCAD was developed. BCAD is a user friendly, Dutch-CAD program. It is used in schools for the engineering profession in secondary education.


BCAD was originally a Windows application installed on a desktop computer. In secondary education e-learning is evolving specially being accessed on tablets. Therefore, the demand arose for a web application. Along with CadCollege Aneto has carried out a pilot project for the replacement of BCAD to HTML5 capable browsers, chromebooks and tablets.


There was a lot of enthusiasm about the possibilities after the pilot, so a new project has been started immediately. Aneto is working on a full version of the application.


We are proud of our loyal customers and welcome new clients to join us continuously. We gladly help with the realisation of brilliant ideas and wishes. We are constantly expanding our team of developers due to our ever increasing number of customers. We allocate a team for every project, depending on the needs of our customers. The team usually consists of 3 to 5 developers, who have their own specialisation. That team is complemented with a SCRUM master and a product owner.

We are looking for developers with their own specialisation. Developers who would like to work on projects remotely or at the location of our clients, in Poland and/or in the Netherlands.

Do you like challenges? Do you strive for knowledge and like to belong to the best of your discipline? Get in touch with us. At Aneto we motivate and inspire each other and profit from each other’s capabilities and experience.

.NET developer

We are looking for experienced, full-stack .NET developers who want to join our international team and work on interesting projects remotely. We are interested in strong medior and senior programmers who know how to organise their time and can deliver good quality work. In the future we want you to join our team in Warsaw, Poland, therefore we narrow down the search to the capital and its neighbouring cities.

Our software development process is usually based on Scrum methodology. We can offer not only very good financial conditions, but also a chance to become a part of something big. Depending on your preference, we can offer you a B2B or a full-time/part-time employment contract.

If you are interested, please send us your CV to (questions regarding available positions are also welcome).

 What we want:

  • Fluent spoken and written English is a must!
  • General understanding of web-based technologies (HTTP, HTML, CSS, client, server, frontend, backend, REST, etc.)
  • Fluency at C# language
  • Experience in and knowledge of:
    • ASP .NET MVC
    • WCF
    • ORM (Entity Framework / NHibernate)
    • JavaScript (JQuery, Knockout, AngularJS)
    • Knowledge of design patterns
  • Availability during the working hours (the most important are daily stand-up meetings, but the client may request your presence at other times; otherwise the work can be done as desired, what counts is the on-time delivery!)

New Aneto office

01 April 2016

Aneto does not only develop great software. We are also building a team of knowledgeable experts in software development. Our old office became too small, thus we had to look for a new office space. We are proud to announce that since 1st of April we have been working from our new office at Brzeska 2/301 in Warszawa. Feel free to visit us at our new location!

We keep our official address at Chmielna 2/31. You can contact us at that address as well.

Aneto wins gold!

29 October 2014

Aneto Netherlands - the fastest growing company in central Netherlands

On November 20, 2014 Aneto B.V., our Dutch based office, has won the prestigious Gouden Gazelle Award. Aneto was the fastest growing company in the provinces Utrecht and Gelderland.                        

We are very proud that we could achieve this with our developers from Holland and Poland. The award has motivated us to continue with our strategy: developing software together with the client and finding the best solution within the confines of the time and budget to make them more successful. We are very happy to positively surprise our customers with the end results surpassing the expectations.

The good understanding of our clients, the progressive technical knowledge and the proven experience in companies’ processes is the key to our results and success.

Aneto develops windows applications, web applications and mobile applications whereby security, user friendliness and application life cycle management (ALM) are solid addressed items. Our core values are: pride, attention, strategy and expertise. These four values are obviously present in all sections. Loyal clients, a pleasant working atmosphere, employees who show innovations continuously and winning the Gouden Gazelle Award result in growingenthusiasm.

"We code your success" is the slogan of Aneto and winning the Gazelle is a great reward for that.


New Aneto website

07 October 2014

New Aneto website

The Aneto office in Poland was founded in the beginning of 2015. Since then we have worked on many projects for our clients. Our portfolio includes: developing Windows applications and web applications, mobile apps and system integration. We have given a strategic input for projects and processes of our clients. Therefore, we have achieved many successes and we would like to share those with you. On our new website we present with pride the projects that we worked on the past few years. Our new website is designed as a Single Page site, where horizontal navigation is utilized.

It is also suitable for mobile phones and tablets. The content of the site is managed by Umbraco. Umbraco is a CMS for management and administration of dynamic websites. The design is done by TakeTwo and the pictures are partially delivered by World on Photo.


Aneto Sp. z o.o.
Chmielna 2/31
00-020 Warszawa

+48 888 900 330

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